The Wurzels With Tony Blackburn

"I Am A Cider Drinker 2007"   CD

This CD single was released on 23rd April 2007 on the EMI Gold record label, catalogue number 0946 3 92653 2 9. It was simultaneously released as a 7" 45rpm vinyl single - the last vinyl record released by The Wurzels. The single was released as part of the promotions for The Wurzels 'Greatest Hits' album released on May 7th. It entered the UK charts on 5 May 2007 for 1 week at number 57.

The Band Line-Up:

At the time of the recording of this single The Wurzels consisted of Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, John Morgan and Jai Howe.

The Tracks:

This release saw The Wurzels joined by Tony Blackburn on the 'A' side with I am A Cider Drinker. The B side was the 1976 Combine Harvester single. Both tracks were produced by part-time Wurzel Louie Nicastro.

A music video was produced to accompany this release with The Wurzels and Tony Blackburn taking part.

The Disc & Sleeve:

The CD single was released on a yellow disc, in keeping with the yellow vinyl on the 7" release, on the EMI Gold label.

The CD case insert (below) was effectively a copy of the vinyl single's sleeve.

Collectors' Extras:

A promotional CD was released in advance of this single release - a very basic black on white disc in a clear plastic sleeve.

The case insert, below, gives basic details of the tracks and contact details. The stickers on the back of the plastic sleeves give interesting additional notes.

Finally - an interesting and rare copy of the CD autographed by Pete Budd and Tommy Banner of The Wurzels and Tony Blackburn.