Adge Cutler & The Wurzels


This cassette was released in February 1975 and at first glance appears to be the same as the vinyl album of the same name, the fifth and final LP to be released by Adge Cutler and The Wurzels within Adge's lifetime (in 1972). This was the first Adge Cutler album to appear in the tape cassette format. Catalogue reference was TC- EXE-131.

For reasons that are unclear the track listing was changed compared to the vinyl release - if it was a timing issue to fill both sides it was a complicated method of achieving it! - Faggots Is The Stuff was moved to side 1, Back On The Farm moved to side 2, and the track order on side 1 was rearranged. The inter-track chat was also altered as can be seen in the transcript.

Track Listing:

  • Side 1
  • Drink Up Thy Zider (Play On) (Cutler)
    Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee (Sheldon-Crozier)
    Chitterling (Cutler)
    My Threshing Machine (New Lyric and adap. Detroit) Oom Pah Pah (from 'Oliver') (Lionel Bart)
    Poor, Poor Farmer (Regan)
    Faggots Is The Stuff (Cutler)
  • Side 2
  • The Wild West Show (New Lyric and adap. Barratt)
    I'd Love To Swim In The Zuider Zee (Stark-Christopher) 
    I Wish I Was Back On The Farm (MacDougal)
    Virtute Et Industrial (Cutler)
    The Wurple-Diddle-I-Doo Song (The Village Band)      (Fryberg- Kirsten)
    Drink Up Thy Zider (Play Off) (Cutler)

The Cassette:

In August 1973 a standard cassette design/layout was established for EMI: The insert now included printer's date codes, OC number and references to Dolby. Labels were plain white paper with black printed details. Black cassette shells were supposed to be used - although the previous style in grey can be found quite easily. The cassette cases had clear fronts and black bodies with a heavy mottled effect on the back face.

This low-priced 'Executive Series' of cassettes was for albums that were originally released on the Columbia label. The original album artwork was preserved below a blue band containing the album details in black. The EMI logo was also accompanied by the new executive series logo.

This style of cassette case insert was introduced by EMI in 1973. This particular release was printed by Garrod and Lofthouse in February 1975 as indicated by the line 7502 G&L. 

Beneath the catalogue number TC-EXE 131 appears another code number OC 244 o 05052. Between 1969 and 1982 EMI had an international coding system which they hoped would get adopted industry wide, and they used it worldwide for their own releases. In fact, the numbers used formed the basis of the 7-digit numbers adopted in 1983 and inserted into EAN/UPC barcode-based cataloguing, used to this day.  

Album Transcript:

This album contained six tracks that had previously only been issued on 45rpm singles, as well as one previously unreleased track 'I'd Love To Swim In The Zuider Zee'. The remainder of the compilation, including the chat between tracks, was taken from various albums. The tracks were edited together to give the impression of a continuous live performance with snatches of Adge's chat in between. The transcript below indicates the original location of both the musical tracks and the between-track chat. The chat on this 'Don't tell I' album is in RED TYPEFACE, the text in black (not actually heard in this album) shows how it sat within the original albums. Text shown in GREY TYPEFACE, which is heard on this cassette, has been moved around when compared to the vinyl version of this album.